Love without Coercion
Expose the "loverboy" lie, empower youth
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The perfect gentleman? First true love?
Expose "loverboys"!
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"Loverboys“ or "Romeo pimps“ are young men who pretend to be in love with a girl or a young woman in order to lure or force her into prostitution later. This is a form of human trafficking.

The contents and materials on the website aim to inform and educate about the "loverboy" tactic. The prevention program "Love without Coercion" can be implemented as a workshop by teachers and other persons with a pedagogical background. The name is meant to express that violence and coercion must never play a role in relationships, as is always the case in "loverboy" relationships. Aspects of a healthy romantic relationship, increasing self-confidence, online safety and the topic of pornography are also addressed.

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    Birgit W., School social worker 

    "The content of the workshop is fantastic and oriented to the lifestyles of the students. I particularly liked the extremely professional execution of the entire program. From the first planning phase everything was clear, agreements were kept, conditions and requirements were communicated in a timely manner. Everything went like clockwork!”

    Jonas, 14, Student

    “I liked that we talked a lot about 'loverboys' and had the methods explained to us so that we can protect ourselves. Thanks a lot!”

    Christina D., Teacher

    "The 'loverboy' tactic is a danger that can affect any student, regardless of his/her ethnic or social background. It is important to us to warn against it. We also want to encourage students to think about their own desires in and ideas of a healthy relationship and to strengthen their self-confidence. The material 'Love without Coercion' serves this purpose in an excellent way! I am glad to have it as a resource."

    Lea, 15, Student

    "I liked that we learned how to increase our self-confidence and that the atmosphere was relaxed and the activities fun (videos, role-playing, etc.)."

liebe ohne zwang materialheft

Take a look inside the manual (only available in German)

The materials contain everything you need to raise awareness about "loverboys".
The manual contains approximately 90 pages with information on the topic, ideas for activities, worksheets, discussion questions, social media integration, a list of counselling centers in different regions of Germany, self-protection measures, a letter for parents and much more. The manual is only available in German.
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