Volunteer Trainings

We regularly conduct trainings throughout Germany and in German-speaking countries to train new multipliers.

Our trainings include thematic as well as didactic elements and prepare interested people for the independent implementation of the programme in a practice-oriented way.


  • As a rule, a contribution towards expenses of 300 €, for materials, catering and implementation (a student discount of 33% is possible)


  • Normally on Fridays from 6-9:30pm and Saturdays 10 am – 6pm (or, by arrangement, also possible on weekdays)


  • Current dates can be found >here<.
  • You can also invite us for a training in your institution or organisation! For more information, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that the training courses can only take place in person and in German due to their practical orientation. If you are unable to attend after you have registered, please cancel at least 48 hours before the training course, otherwise we will unfortunately not be able to refund your participation fee.

"Liebe ohne Zwang" is a prevention programme by Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V. (formerly Netzwerk gegen Menschenhandel e.V.) and has been subject to our copyright © since 2013. It is not permitted to use the programme without naming the author (Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.). Furthermore, it is not permitted to take parts of the programme and create your own programme from it, see below.


External speaker 

If you are interested in inviting speakers to your school/group, please contact us, and we will try to find local multipliers. If you have any questions about the costs involved, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Financial support 

For costs incurred or invitation of an external speaker, funding for prevention work in schools can be applied for from the district or the state. You can usually get more information from the respective district or school authority.


Workshop realisationClick

Any educational professional who has read the "Love without Coercion" material booklet in detail and prepared themselves accordingly can carry out the programme themselves.

Here you will find a possible concept and schedule to help you organise the units and tasks (it is only available in German). It serves only as an example in connection with the material booklet and should be adapted to your style and your class/group situation.

 > Schedule

We recommend that the programme is carried out by at least two people (m/f) in order to be better able to deal with any difficulties and to have contact persons available for girls and boys.


Please note: 

It cannot be ruled out that your class, school or youth group may also include people affected by "loverboys". Therefore, intensive preparation and discussion of the topic is urgently required before the event, also with regard to a trauma-sensitive implementation. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the counselling centres in your area so that you can refer those affected to them immediately. You will find a list of counseling centers in the appendix of the material booklet. Make use of professional help in EVERY CASE!


Request & Contact

If you have any further questions or would like to request a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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You can contact us using this form.

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Copyright notice

"Love without Coercion" is a prevention programme of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V. (formerly Netzwerk gegen Menschenhandel e.V.) and is under our Copyright © 2013 NgM.
It is not allowed to use the programme without naming the author (Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.)! 
It is also not allowed to take parts of the programme and create your own programme out of it. See below.

(i) The use of the material/work serves prevention and educational workshops on the subject matter contained in the work. The work deals with the so-called "loverboy method" (romeo-pimp method) of human trafficking, in which mainly young people are tricked into a love relationship with the aim of later sexually exploiting them.

(ii) Copyright © [2013] [Copyright holder: Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.]

(iii) The work including its parts is protected by copyright. Any use is not permitted without the consent of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V. This applies in particular to reproductions without naming the authorship and modifications. It is also not permitted to use the material or parts of it separately or to create new, own material from it.

(iv) If "Liebe ohne Zwang" or parts thereof are used, users must indicate this as follows: "We used the prevention materials of "Liebe ohne Zwang"© [2013], a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V." or "Our prevention measures are based on "Liebe ohne Zwang"© [2013], a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V.".

(v) "Liebe ohne Zwang" and its materials may only be advertised if the reference is made that "Liebe ohne Zwang" is a project of Blickfeld Menschenhandel e.V. Links may also be made to the website www.liebe-ohne-zwang.de and www.netzwerkgm.de 
For print media, prior written permission must be given by the copyright holder.

(vi) Any infringement may be prosecuted with civil claims for injunctive relief, information, accounting and damages (§§ 97, 101 UrhG, §§ 259 ff., 249 ff. BGB) and as a criminal offence or an administrative offence (§§ 106, 111a UrhG).