Don´t think for a moment that victims are naive and stupid. Loverboys are masters of manipulation and know exactly what to do and say to exploit girls for their own purposes. That is why this tactic is so vile.

Everyone needs love. To be loved is a deep, human need. Loverboys use this human need to build a relationship with a young woman or girl. At first, the girl feels understood, safe and loved. She can no longer imagine her life without him and would do anything for him, just as he pretends to want to do ev erything for her.

Since he pretended to be the perfect boyfriend in the beginning, she will trust him when, little by little, he pushed her boundaries and finally brings her right where he wanted her the entire time - into prostitution. The hope that everything will eventually turn out the way they dreamed together in the beginning keeps her with him.

When she then realizes that it was all a lie, it is often too late. She urgently needs help to get away